Best DSL Internet Service Providers

Best DSL Internet Service Providers
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If fiber internet and high-speed cable access have not yet arrived at your doorstep, DSL internet service can be your only choice! You may think that a DSL link is archaic, but if you live in a rural area without Fiber internet access, you'll have no choice but to rely on it. Furthermore, a DSL internet connection isn't all bad. Some of the best DSL speeds are faster than cable connections, so there's still hope!

But how do you determine which DSL internet provider is best for rural areas? That is why you have come. Welcome to our comprehensive list of the best DSL internet service providers.

It's possible that the best DSL internet service provider in your region is also the only one. Most people will come across AT&T, Verizon, Century Link, Frontier Communications, and others on this list of top DSL internet providers.

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More than 10 million consumers are served by these companies in the United States. So, during your Internet quest, you're very likely to come across one of these DSL internet service providers.


Given that AT&T is one of the country's oldest internet service providers, it's not surprising that you'll come across them when looking for the best DSL internet service. AT&T claims that their DSL speed ranges from 1- 10 Mbps, but our testing clearly shows that it caps out at 8Mbps. The maximum speed is sufficient for two users to browse the web simultaneously. This is faster than the majority of DSL internet connections available.

The best thing about choosing AT&T is that you won't have to deal with any hidden costs; AT&T's rates, taxes, and fees are all clearly stated. If you decide to go with AT&T, you should be aware of all of the company's advantages and disadvantages. AT&T is one of three major DSL internet service providers in the United States that has placed a data cap. If your monthly data use exceeds 1TB, you will be charged an overage fee. According to AT&T data estimates, you might do whatever you want for a month and still have plenty of data at the end. That's good news. Click their logo below to check their DSL plans in your area.


Verizon is a well-known internet solution provider, and the "No contract clause" is one of the main reasons for choosing Verizon. This gives users a lot of versatility because they can transfer their home or switch ISPs without having to spend a lot of money. In addition, Verizon has an extremely generous data allowance. Verizon has pushed the envelope and now provides 1.5TB of data per month. If 1TB was insufficient, imagine what you could do with 1.5TB of data.

The worst thing about going with Verizon is that it has a tortoise-like DSL speed. Verizon is at the bottom of the list of best DSL speeds. This sluggish pace would be frustrating for those who spend their days binge-watching Netflix. However, since there is no deal, you can leave anytime you want. Click their logo below to check their DSL plans in your area.


In terms of population, CenturyLink is the second largest DSL internet service provider. It affects approximately 48 million people in 39 states. CenturyLink also offers the most DSL plan options, ranking near the top of the list of top DSL speeds. Upload speeds are still a problem with DSL internet, but CenturyLink has an Upload speed that can keep up with your constant need for facetiming. Furthermore, the download speeds are incredible. As a result, CenturyLink outruns the other four competitors in terms of speed.

CenturyLink has a policy that everybody appreciates. All will benefit from CenturyLink's price-for-life guarantee. If you're always on the move or prefer to stay put. The disadvantage is that you would be required to register in a phone package plan. CenturyLink only provides DSL internet as part of a phone package. But it's worth it because of the large range of plans, quick download and upload speeds, and a fixed price for life. However, all of these perks come with a catch: you only get 600GB of data per month. This is more than sufficient for two users. Click their logo below to check their DSL plans in your area.



Frontier proudly promotes its unlimited data allocation. You can watch as many HD videos as you like with unlimited data. Your data use will be monitored, so there will be no overage charges. Frontier Communication has average speeds, but it can handle any activity you throw at them.

The customer satisfaction ranking is the only negative aspect of Frontier communications. Frontier Communications is one of the lowest-rated service providers in terms of customer satisfaction. So, if you're willing to take a gamble for unlimited data, go for it. If that's the case, Frontier is the way to go. Frontier also has a long-term deal. Frontier is a good option if you don't like being locked into a two-year phone contract. Click their logo below to check their DSL plans in your area.


The most flexible provider is Windstream. There are no contracts, phone plans, or data limits with Windstream, so you can use your DSL internet service however you want. Windstream gives you the most sense of independence out of all the providers on this list. Windstream's top DSL speed is 12 Mbps, so you can watch "The Witcher" as your roommate laughs uncontrollably at a sitcom.

There is no transparency about the plans with Windstream; the package price is clear, but the extra costs and taxes are kept hidden, which does not sit well with most customers. You can also encounter slow upload speeds, which is to be expected from top DSL internet service providers. Click their logo below to check their DSL plans in your area.

Getting the Perfect Provider for You

It can be overwhelming to choose one provider from among the top DSL internet service providers. The first step is to assess your internet speed requirements. How much can you afford if you're clear on that? The next part is to decide whether you want to be bound by a contract or not. After completing these measures, you will have the best DSL internet for rural areas.

Looking for the Best DSL Provider in your area? 

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