Basic Internet Definition You Need to Know?

Basic Internet Definition You Need to Know?

The Internet and the internet definition becomes our new tool for our daily life, from searching for a job to your daily tools for your office activities. With the internet, usage comes a brand new way of speaking. Here are some words you can add to your vocabulary.

ISP (Internet Service Provider): Services that provide internet access around the world for a monthly fee. ISPs such as Xfinity, Verizon, Cox, and AT&T offer a wide variety of internet connection types from fiber-optic, cable to DSL.

Downloading: This is the process of the internet to transfer files or data from the server to your computer or from the computer to another computer. Files or data could be documents, files, images, or videos.


Uploading: To transfer or move a file or data from your computer or smartphone to another computer or web server. Files or data could be documents, files, images, or videos.

Blog: This is an internet magazine or articles published by a writer also known as a blogger.

Internet: Its an electronic technology network that connects computers around the world.


Email: A process of exchanging messages through the internet. Also known as electronic mail.

Search Engine:  page on the internet also known as a webpage that used for searching for information on the internet. Some known search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing offer this service.

Modem: An equipment or device that connects your network to the internet.

Social Media: Mobile Apps or websites dedicated to content sharing and dedicated to information between peoples. Facebook, Twitter, And YouTube are some examples.

Website: The place or location of collected information related to webpages. also known as "site".

Webpage: A single page from a website. It is simply a page in the book for example.

Wi-Fi: A process to connect your smartphone or computer wirelessly.

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The internet allows us to connect with each other from all over the world, find the answer in a matter of seconds to almost every question, order food, get directions, send pictures, and so much more.