Windstream Internet Price, Equipment, Hidden Fees and more

Windstream Internet Price, Equipment, Hidden Fees and more
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Windstream offers two DLA options, and their restricted fiber-optic network will limit a customer's options. In addition, as compared to other suppliers, Windstream's rates aren't sustainable. However, the organization is dedicated to improving its facilities. It's also one of the few internet providers without a data cap.

Windstream is an excellent option for rural families who want to upgrade their internet service from dial-up but don't want to use satellite internet.

Windstream's Standard and Enhanced DSL plans are available in all of the company's locations. Unfortunately, the company's newest fiber-optic service is the Premium Speed package.

At least for their internet-only plans, Windstream does not need customers to sign a contract. The no-contract plan is comparable to what most companies sell. However, Windstream's advertised rates are higher than those provided by other companies on a regular basis.

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How much does Windstream Internet cost?

Windstream is very straightforward and frank about the cost of basic internet services. The advertised price for their internet-only plans is identical to the price mentioned on the website. Customers who only use the internet are therefore not required to sign a contract. The high costs of the internet-only plan may be due to the lack of a contract. There are no premium changes on Standard Speed plans. In reality, this plan is backed by a price guarantee for the rest of your life. Anyone who transfers or disconnects their operation, on the other hand, voids the assurance.

All of Windstream's first-year package prices are discounted for a limited time. Customers must also agree to a one-year contract when purchasing these bundles. Customers will be charged a premium for each month the contract is not terminated before its expiration date. When the 12-year promotional period expires, the price reverts to the regular rate. The contract period and promotional rate will be affected by the customer's position. To find out what plans are available in their region, consumers can contact a Windstream customer service representative.

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Hidden Fees

Modem Fee
The Wireless Gateway, which combines a router and a modem, is rented from Windstream. Customers on the Standard or Enhanced Speed plans can rent a router for $9.99 per month. The Premium Speed plan router costs $11.99 a month to rent.

Unreturned Equipment Fee
Customers who do not return any leased equipment after the service has been terminated will be charged for the equipment's cost.

Customers may also be required to pay legal fees and expenses.

Activation Fee
A $50 one-time activation fee is required for all new accounts. The activation fee is usually waived in most promotional deals.

The cost of having the DSL service professionally built is $35. Installation of the home network and wireless modem, as well as the connectivity of up to four devices, is included in the fee. The price of installation includes the installation of a new jack if one is needed. Customers are free to install their own utilities. Self-installation includes installation manuals, equipment delivery, and technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Additional Fees
There are extra costs for each plan. A security package is part of some of the packages. For the first six months, the insurance is free. If you don't cancel it after six months, you'll be charged $8 a month. Three months of free premium channels will be included in certain cable packages. A $60 monthly charge applies if the premium channels are not canceled.


Customers of Windstream must have a router for their wireless network as well as a modem. Customers can rent Windstream's Wireless Gateway, which is a router and modem in one. However, these modems are not available for purchase from Windstream. Customers who sign up for the Standard or Enhanced Speed Internet plans get a 3-channel, single-band router. The monthly rental price for this router is $9.99. Customers on the Premium Speed plan must have a dual-band router with 23 channels. The router is rented for $11.99 a month. What is the distinction between routers? The 2.4 gigahertz (GHz) band is used by a single-band router.

The dual router features a 23-channel dual-band router with 2.4 (GHz) and 5 (GHz) bands. Users can benefit from higher speeds by combining the two bands.

While customers can link to the internet using their own router and modem, Windstream makes no guarantees that the connection will function. Technical support for equipment purchased from other suppliers is also not provided by the company. Anyone interested in using their own equipment should consult with a customer service representative to see if it is compatible.

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