Why is my internet slower than usual during the day? Here's how to fix it during quarantine

Why is my internet slower than usual during the day? Here's how to fix it during quarantine
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As annoying as trying to use your internet connection and experiencing buffering and lag throughout the day, there are few things that are frustrating.

You know that there are few things as frustrating as trying to use your connection and experiencing buffering and latency during the day if you're a frequent internet user. Small hiccups are to be anticipated, but daily internet connection problems will make you wonder why you pay for uneven speeds at a constant price.

Check out some common issues before you contact tech support that might cause your internet connection to slow down throughout the day.

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What are common problems with a slow internet connection?

In the evening, a drop in internet speed tends to be more common. Most people are connected during the period from 7 to 11 p.m. Described as "internet rush hour." However, there could also be a speed decrease during the day. Here are different explanations and how you can solve them:

Heavy traffic on the networks

Even if you search outside of the Internet rush hour, the consequences of heavy connection traffic can still be encountered. Internet traffic refers to the demand for bandwidth on your internet connection between users and computers. Much like a road or interstate, the more your network is shared by users and devices, the more overcrowded it becomes.

Bandwidth is shared with other users in their region by cable internet customers and would be more vulnerable to heavy network traffic in and outside the home.

How to solve it?

By disconnecting internet-connected devices that are no longer in operation or are excessively taking up bandwidth, take some burden off your network. Only a few of the devices that could clutter your network are cell phones, smart home devices such as home alarm security, smart TVs, and gaming systems.

With less connected computers, you can also turn to a channel on your Wi-Fi. Many routers have both a 2G and 5G service, with the fastest being the 5G channel. Turn to your 2G channel with fewer devices and less congestion, which is more likely.

Problems with a router or modem

The primary duty of your router and modem is to maintain your network and this job needs routine maintenance to keep the equipment in proper working order. If you have a 2-in-1 router/modem unit, only one piece of equipment would have to worry about maintenance, but if you have two separate units, pay attention to both of them. To control your network and deliver your Wi-Fi signal, your router and modem must operate together.

How to solve it?

Restart Daily 
There's a reason why the first recommendation from your IT technician is to restart your unit. Your router is like a machine, and rebooting will solve many short-term issues and provide an opportunity to upgrade your system.

Device and Router Distance
The closest your internet-connected devices to your router, the closer your connection is to your Wi-Fi-connected devices the stronger connection you can get. Place your equipment free of intrusion from other electronic devices and interruption from items in a central location of your home.

Strong login details
A router always comes with default details, and with well-known models, this information is common knowledge. To prevent hackers from accessing your network, change your login credentials to something more intimidating and random.

Hardware and Software Updates
Make sure your router has the capacity to keep up as you add more internet-connected devices and users to your network. If despite extenders and positioning, you have trouble maintaining a steady Wi-Fi link across the building, it might be time for a hardware or software update.

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