How to Temporarily Pause Your Internet Service

How to Temporarily Pause Your Internet Service
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When money is tight, it's easy to put off an internet subscription. Most internet service providers (ISPs) already have a system in place that allows consumers to suspend and resume service with minimal effort. Knowing where to look for it is the key.

Most ISPs refer to these pauses as "seasonal holds," but they can also be referred to as a "hibernation plan," "temporary suspension," or a "vacation hold." This jargon might make it tough for consumers to discover what they need, but we'll walk you through the essentials.


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Why would you want to take a break from your internet service?


Although it may appear to be simpler to simply cancel your internet service if you no longer require it, there are several disadvantages to doing so:

  • When you reactivate your service, you will be charged an activation or installation cost.
  • Cancellation fees are hefty.
  • Long wait periods for service reactivation


Pausing service will save you money and make it much easier to get your internet back up and running when you're ready. Temporary pauses normally allow you to keep other services such as phone service or an email address operational if you get them through your ISP.

While most of us use the internet for business, leisure, and communication on a regular basis, temporary pauses might be handy for long trips or for persons who move around a lot. Some carriers even let you stay connected at a slower speed to keep smart devices and security systems running in vacation homes or vacation rental properties. Pausing services might save you a lot of money if you know you won't require regular internet access in a certain place.

The disadvantage of seasonal holds is that they normally come with a fee, which is usually significantly less than cancellation costs or the cost of merely keeping your plan operational.


FAQs: Temporary Internet Hold


Is there a charge for putting my internet service on hold while I'm on vacation?

Many companies will charge you a one-time fee to put your internet subscription on hold. Others charge a lower monthly rate during the time your service is suspended. Before you put your service on hold, make sure you understand how your provider charges for interrupted service.

Is it possible to cancel my service once it has been put on hold?

If you cancel your internet service while it is on a seasonal hold, you will be subject to the same cancellation penalties as if it were not on a seasonal hold. Furthermore, if you have a 12- or 24-month contract, time spent with your service on hold normally does not count against that period.

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