What Kind of Internet Plan is Best for Seniors

What Kind of Internet Plan is Best for Seniors
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For seniors, the internet is a valuable resource. It can be used without leaving the house to pay bills, purchase food, and control finances. It's also the simplest way, particularly during a pandemic, to stay in contact with friends and family. Luckily, there are plenty of internet plans and discounts especially tailored for seniors.

It's important to note that there are a lot of initiatives available to get cheap or discounted internet services while searching for an affordable internet plan for seniors. And others are planned with seniors in mind in particular.

For seniors, there is no one-size-fits-all internet plan. Everyone has specific online needs, and that should be represented by your internet plan. Here are a couple of the things to take into consideration when selecting an internet connection.

How Fast You Really Need?

It's definitely good to have a fast internet connection, but the quickest service isn't always the best. You can use just a portion of your total bandwidth, depending on what you do online, which means all the speed you spend is simply going to be wasted.

A better first goal is to identify out from your internet provider how much speed you need. You can compare internet plans that offer you at least that amount of speed once you know how fast your internet service should be. Some of the slower options will sometimes beat out faster plans, but there's no point in paying more for the pace you're not going to just use.

Customer Service
When comparing internet providers, customer support is often ignored, but it can change the overall internet experience significantly. If it doesn't work half the time and you can't get anyone to fix it, a strong connection doesn't do you any good.

Not only do the best internet providers have convenient representatives that you can call over the phone, but they also have options for online chat, informative posts, and attentive technicians to help you solve any problems you find.  

When choosing an internet service provider, providing a secure internet connection is the most important consideration for your peace of mind. Some types of the internet are particularly nice, while others can suffer from different types of disruption.

Fiber -  is the fastest connection with the least interruption.
Cable - fast, but can lag due to traffic at busy times.
DSL - can slows down based on how close you live to the nearest hub of your provider.
Satellite - the most fickle connection type. Your signal will interfere with the weather.

Recommended Internet Plan For Seniors

1. Xfinity Internet

Discounts for SSI recipients
Plans less than $10

2. Suddenlink

Discounts for Veterans
Discounts for SSI

3. Optimum Internet

Discounts for Veterans
Discounts for SSI

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