Ways to Improved Your Internet Speed in your Office

Ways to Improved Your Internet Speed in your Office
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Remember the days when your office internet was freshly installed? file transfer speed, websites loading fast? The Internet speed may seem to get slower over time. Internet speed is very important in your office. There are a lot of ways and simple tweaks to get your internet to optimize as it used to be. Below are simple steps that you can implement to make your internet speed in your office.


Ways to Improved Your Internet Speed in your Office


Optimize Office Internet Speed



Restart Your Router and Modem

The first obvious step is to reboot your router and mode. Just unplug your modem and router, wait for a couple of minutes then plug it back. This method will not affect or damage your computer instead, it will restart your internet.



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Scan Virus and Malware

Malware and viruses will slow down your internet connection since there are abnormal processes running on your background. Installing and running a virus and malware scanner will detect and delete malicious files and software. Make sure to ask your IT department to install and configure the virus and malware scanner properly. This will also avoid your important getting leaked or hack. It is important to run or schedule a scan once a week to keep your computer and network clean from malicious files.



Check Your Internet Speed

Running a speed test will also help you identify what you are actually paying for. Run a speed from more than websites, when you have a slower speed than what you have subscribed to, contact your internet service provider to fix your internet connection.



Device Connected

Another important to consider is to check the devices on your network. Ask who handles you're who takes care of your office network setup. Ask them how many devices are connected to your internet network. Eliminate all unauthorized users from your business internet network so you can free up bandwidth.



Old Computers

Computer performance slows down over time, even though you have the fastest internet if you are still using an old computer, your internet speeds will degrade its performance. Most older computers cant process at high speed so consider upgrading your computer.


Assess your data plan. Some ISP limits internet usage also known as data cap. An Internet plan with a data cap will limit the amount of data for your download and upload usage and speed. Internet speed will be throttled and slows down once you reach your data limit. Residential internet is different, consider upgrading your plan for business internet to avoid interruption. AT&T business internet is one of the most recommended ISP for small to large businesses.


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