Ways to Boost Mobile Broadband Internet Connection

Ways to Boost Mobile Broadband Internet Connection
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Some mobile broadband internet service provider never hit the speed they advertised, we need to accept the fact, worst it's from what they advertise. But there are ways to improve and boost your broadband internet connection. 

How to Boost Mobile Broadband Internet?

Change Access Point Names (APN)

Mobile broadband providers assign different Access Point Names to their users depends on your monthly contracts and deals. In order for you to enjoy the fastest network, sign up for a long term deal, This will improve your bandwidth and internet speed.


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Mobile Broadband Internet in your area.
Mobile broadband is a connection that allows you to use the internet while you are on-the-go. There are two variations of how you can use mobile brandband ...

Phone Tethering

If you are struggling for a decent broadband internet connection, especially indoor, consider tethering your device to smartphones. This will allow you to place your smartphone anywhere for picking up a better connection. 

If this will not solve your issue, consider buying a mobile Wi-Fi router. Wi-Fi router allows you to plug in your USB dongle and transmit internet signals to other rooms in the house. It will also share the internet connection to multiple internet-capable devices such as smartphones, laptops, and smart home devices. 

phone tethering


According to experts, DNS servers under the mobile broadband providers are patchy. DNS lookups from the mobile broadband network took longer than usual. Consider free alternatives like OpenDNS if you experiencing slow webpage loading speed despite strong signals.


Unlocked Modem

Although it is cheaper, Keep in mind that if you buy a modem from a mobile network means you tied with specific networks. This will allows you to use different sim cards with a strong signal in your area. Buying an unlocked modem is beneficial in remote areas or for those who spend much of their lives on the roads. 

USB Cable

Using a longer extension USB cable will give you the flexibility to place your dongle for wider reception. Repositioning the USB modem can add extra bandwidth and it can boost signal strength. 

USB cable

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