Viasat (formerly Exede) Internet Plans. Prices and more

Viasat (formerly Exede) Internet Plans. Prices and more
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Viasat Internet is known for its high-speed Internet satellite service. This type of Internet service is not as fast or reliable as certain others, especially fiber or cable Internet, because the long-distance traveling data must be provided. However, the great advantage of satellite internet, particularly outside urban areas, is that it is widely available. The service of Viasat encompasses all 50 States and 98% of the US community.

Viasat has been around for more than 30 years and offers both consumers and public agencies Internet solutions. Consumers are also able, through a partnership with DirecTV, to purchase home phone service from ViaSat and TV service.

No tons of rural Internet access is available, but we would recommend Viasat for your two high-speed Internet satellites.

If the Internet of cables and fiber sounds like a tall order, Viasat satellite Internet could be your best bet in living in the country and still be remedied. There are a number of plans (depending on where you live), and higher speeds are often at a lower price.

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That said, Viasat has a three-month increase, plus several other reservations that could lead you to hesitate. Let us, therefore, examine the details and find out whether Viasat is your best rural provider.

More than one speed available
Lower monthly price per Mbps than HughesNet

Price increase three-month
Not much data the availability of cheaper freedom plans is limited

Viasat prices and plans

There are a lot of Viasat plans available,  But which plans suit your needs, where are you located, and how much is your budget?

Liberty 12
: $30/mo.*     
Download Speed: 12 Mbps
Data Caps: 12 GB

Liberty 25
Download Speed: 12 Mbps
Data Caps: 25 GB

Liberty 50
Download Speed: 12 Mbps
Data Caps: 50 GB

Unlimited Bronze 12
Price: $50/mo.*     
Download Speed: 12 Mbps
Data Caps: 80 GB

Unlimited Silver 12
Download Speed: 12 Mbps
Data Caps: 45 GB

Unlimited Gold 12
Download Speed: 12 Mbps
Data Caps: 65 GB

Unlimited Silver 25
Download Speed: 25 Mbps
Data Caps: 120 GB

Unlimited Gold 30
Download Speed: 30 Mbps
Data Caps: 100 GB

Unlimited Gold 50
Download Speed: 50 Mbps
Data Caps: 200 GB

Unlimited Platinum 100
Download Speed: 100 Mbps
Data Caps: 300 GB

Viasat Plans

For example, a smaller proportion of the US has access to Viasat's Liberty plans than its Unlimited plans.

So you may have only a few internet speeds, depending on where you live, and you may not be able to select a Liberty plan.

You may wonder what other variations there are when you talk about the Viasat Liberty unlimited plans.  The Liberty plans essentially provide far fewer data than most Unlimited Data Plans. If you want to skip forward, we dive into it a bit more when we talk about the Viasat data caps.

Contracts, equipment, and fees

The professional installers from Viasat do the job for you, so prepare and have the space to work on to.

Lastly! A provider of satellite internet that requires no contracts. Viasat used to have you sign every plan, but this has changed to a 24-month contract.

However, if you'll have to bypass the contract. If you do not agree to make the commitment, Viasat requires you to pay a no-long-term contract of $300. 

We only recommend that you use the contract if you plan on keeping your internet for at least 2 years. You don't have to pay $300 in advance only to leave the legal hook when you cancel your service.


Plan on a two or three-hour installation process. The exact time of arrival of the technician could be tricky, so we would say take off all day if you could. 

You use a satellite dish and a modem for your Viasat internet. Both these must be installed by a professional technician. If the technician arrives, the satellite dish will be attached to your roof and ensure the correct way to communicate with the orbiting satellite.

You'll be good to go once you finish installing your dish and modem.

The price of your equipment depends on whether you choose a monthly or a lifetime lease.

Price monthly: $9.99/mo.
Price for one-time lease: $299.
The cost of the life lease would take 30 months to pay once. It would be worth one time.

But it's usually worth it if you can afford the upfront costs. For more than two and half years, most people maintain their service, which means a lifelong rental can save you significant cash.

Gateway or Viasat

With Viasat, it is possible to use your own router or to use the WiFi gateway modem of the ISP. The gateway serves both as a modem and as a router, which can be connected via Wi-Fi or an Ethernet cable on several devices.

As a voice adapter, Viasat's Gateway also acts. So you do not need an additional adapter connected to your phone if you have Viasat Voice service.  

Services Fees

Without service fees, what's Internet? Here is a quick review of what Viasat's fees for you might be.

Installation fees: $99.95, but you should ask about the installation fee rebate program, which basically makes installation free if you are a new Viasat customer.

One-time fee: 300$ for equipment delayed or unreturned when you cancel your service with Viasat.

Premature rescission fees: $15 per month for each month remaining in your contract.

Calls to services: 95 dollars if a technician has to visit home (unless you enroll in EasyCare)

Relocation of dishes: $200 and at the same address

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