Verizon 5G Rolling Out: City Coverage, Availability, Plans and More

Verizon 5G Rolling Out: City Coverage, Availability, Plans and More
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The first carrier to carry out 5G in the United States was Verizon. The 5G plan is a fixed wireless access (FWA) service for 5G at home only, branded Verizon 5G Home. Verizon's other 5G offering, introduced on April 3, 2019, is for mobile devices, which ensures that the 5G service operates anywhere 5G tower coverage occurs. FWA coverage is not nearly as widespread as 4G, considering that 5G is only in its early stages. In reality, Verizon's 5G broadband has access to just a tiny handful of US cities.

Verizon 5g coverage

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Cities Coverage for Verizon 5G

The present list of cities where Verizon 5G Home operates is very small, and coverage is restricted to specific neighborhoods, even within these cities:

CA, Sacramento
TX, Houston
IN, Indianapolis
CA, Los Angeles
IL, Chicago
MI, Detroit
Minneapolis, MN, Minneapolis
St. Paul, Minnesota
Atlanta City, GA
TX, Dallas
Denver, CO Business
CA, San Jose

Availability for Verizon 5G

If you're in Sacramento, the official website of the city has a coverage map for Initial Rollout that you can use to see where 5G is available. The following neighborhoods are involved:

Westlake Region
Lake Sundance
Natomas North
Natomas South
Flats Mansion
Park North Oak
Park at Central Oak
Wallet Pocket
Valley Hi/Laguna North
Village of Colonial

Verizon is now planning to provide 27 parks in Sacramento with free Wi-Fi and has already implemented smart traffic technology at over a dozen intersections.

In Houston, there are five communities where the 5G internet from Verizon actually works:

Homes in Acres
Close To The Northside
Gulfton Gulfton
The Second Ward
Third Ward The Third Ward

To see if your area is protected, enter your address on the 5G Home website.

Home Plans Info for Verizon 5G

What you pay for the 5G Home service from Verizon depends on whether or not you already have a mobile data plan with a Verizon Wireless account.

$50/month if you're a member of Verizon Wireless
$70 /month if you sign up for the first time with Verizon
These are a few of the advantages you will get upon signing up, regardless of how much you pay for 5 G Home:

For the first year, Free Disney+
One month's Free YouTube TV
Amazon Smart Home Bundle for Free

How to Sign Up for Verizon 5G Home

You can buy Verizon 5G Home through the 5G Home Internet website. Enter your address on that page to confirm that you can receive service at that location.

Part of the signup process includes scheduling a date and time for Verizon to come out to your house to make sure you’ll actually get 5G coverage where you are. If your coverage can be confirmed, they’ll install the necessary hardware and get you connected to their network.

During installation, you’ll get either an indoor or outdoor 5G receiver, depending on how strong the signal is. Verizon provides free Wi-Fi extenders to push the signal throughout your home if it’s too weak.

It could take anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours to install Verizon's 5G home internet service. See Verizon 5G Home Internet Setup FAQs if you have more questions about installation in your home.

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