Top 15 Countries With The Fastest Internet Speeds

Top 15 Countries With The Fastest Internet Speeds
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If you are living in a city or a highly developed country, you might expect that your internet is supersonic. Above all, you have all the best packages to TV shows and HD movies and websites that load in splits seconds. Did you know that the US doesn't have the fastest internet in the world? According to sources, the average connection speed in the United States is 11.5 Mbps.

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Here are the Top 15 Countries with the Fastest Internet Speed

1. Taiwan    —  85.02 Mbps
2. Singapore — 70.86 Mbps
3. Jersey — 67.46 Mbps
4. Sweden     — 55.18 Mbps
5. Denmark — 49.19 Mbps
6. Japan — 42.77 Mbps
7. Luxembourg — 41.69 Mbps
8. Netherlands — 40.21 Mbps
9. Switzerland — 38.85 Mbps
10.San Marino — 38.73 Mbps
11. Norway — 38.46 Mbps
12. Andorra — 38.31 Mbps
13. Spain — 36.06 Mbps
14. Belgium — 35.69 Mbps
15. United States — 32.89 Mbps

Why fast internet is important?

Reliable and fast internet becomes more important for your job or business. Whether your working at home, traveling every day to work. A fast connection can improve your business operation and your productivity as an individual. In another way, if you have a slow connection can lead you and your business at risk.

From our system, we got back 1954 internet service providers in the US. You can view there broadband coverage and fastest internet download speed.



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