States With The Best Internet Coverage, Prices, and Speed

States With The Best Internet Coverage, Prices, and Speed
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We used specific procedures to identify, select, and analyze information about internet coverage, speed, and plans in each state. We rank each internet service provider by speed test data, pricing data, and coverage data. 

Upon extensive research,  New Jersey has the highest overall ranking in the United States with 98% availability in the US and has a 78% lowest price available. Wired internet widely available at Rhode Island. While 89 percent of its population had an access to broadband plans under $60. 

We used the data from MLabs to test the fastest internet speed and use internet service provider data for their current plans and pricing.

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Internet Ranking by State 

Internet Ranking by State Average Speed Test Wired Low-Priced Plan Access Terrestrial Broadband Access
1. New Jersey 174.3 Mbps 78.4% 98.1%
2. New York 190.5 Mbps 70.0% 96.8%
3. Maryland 196.2 Mbps 65.4% 95.2%
4. Rhode Island 163.1 Mbps 88.5% 96.2%
5. Florida 167.8 Mbps 59.8% 92.4%
6. Illinois 171.3 Mbps 62.2% 89.3%
7. District of Columbia 167.2 Mbps 74.7% 95.7%
8. Texas 163.7 Mbps 67.3% 85.3%
9. Massachusetts 188.2 Mbps 43.3% 95.9%
10. Connecticut 172.0 Mbps 30.9% 98.3%


View Broadband Internet Coverage in Each State

New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia


Despite being the home of Google Fiber, Missouri is not on our list. As an individual, you should always consider and focus on city internet speed as well. Living in Kansa City will allow you to experience the top internet speed. However, rural places in Missouri don't have much access to broadband or FiOS.

Here are the fastest internet speed in the US by City

1. Harbor City, CA - 818.95 Mbps
2. Hoschton, GA - 804.98 Mbps
3. Wenham, MA - 781.77 Mbps
4. Pagosa Springs, CO - 741.45 Mbps
5. Maspeth, NY - 724.12 Mbps
6. Asbury, NJ - 717.95 Mbps
7. Bala Cynwyd PA - 711.53 Mbps
8. Gurley AL - 685.85 Mbps
9. Schertz TX - 657.66 Mbps
10. Baldwin NY - 630.40 Mbps

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You may not feel the effect of internet coverage quality in your city or states as an individual, but as a whole community, the coverage and speed will affect the health, education, employment, and economy of the state and cities.

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