Reasons to Keep Your Cable TV Connection

Reasons to Keep Your Cable TV Connection
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It's easier than ever to stream movies, but there are still some reasons why you should keep your cable Cable subscription. You might ask, "Should I cancel my cable service?". Here are the advantages of Cable TV. Thinking about the new alternative for cable tv, streaming? Here are some reasons for continuing the subscription to cable TV.

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What Advantages does Cable TV offer?

Getting a cable TV subscription has a range of advantages. Some of the biggest ones include:

The drama that comes with it and of course live sports
Netflix is fine, but you won't find your favorite Super Bowl and Olympics. You'll want at least a simple cable or satellite TV package to watch your favorite teams and sports if you're a fan of the sport.

Yeah, you may be able to get online highlights or watch the game later, but the thrill of watching it live doesn't come close to that. Although you might be able to find live sports streams where you live, for many, this isn't an option.

New movies, Pay-per-view On Demand
If services tempt you to pick and choose what you want, the same freedom is provided to you by cable and satellite TV services. Many cable providers have access to thousands of titles on demand, available when you want them, and where you want them. Plus, pay-per-view events such as boxing and MMA fights or new shows of movies can also be ordered, even before they are available on streaming platforms.

Internet Connection not needed
You can rely in large part on your internet connection when using streaming services to watch your favorite shows and movies. If there are internet outages due to weather or supplier issues, this may become an issue.

It can be a battle to rely on internet speed to watch your shows, particularly if it is a peak usage time when internet speeds can slow down. And buffering could become a concern for those living in more rural areas, where internet connections can be slower.

So, think about your TV activities before you cut the cable. Do you love live sports, need on-demand alternatives, or can't bear to miss an event until they're on streaming services? You may think a subscription to cable TV is right for you.

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