Things to know about MiFi: Learn The Difference With WIFI

Things to know about MiFi: Learn The Difference With WIFI
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What is MiFi?

MiFi is a miniature router that serves all of your devices as a mobile hotspot (cellphone, computer, tablet, etc.). The advantage of this system is that you will still be able to connect to Wi-Fi no matter where you are, instead of depending on cellular data.

MiFi term comes from...

For a mobile hotspot system, MiFi is not the official term, it's simply the brand for Novatel's pocket router. But, just as the ordinary word for an adhesive bandage is "Band-Aid," MiFi is now the everyday word for a portable hotspot system.

Depending on who you ask, MiFi can apply to either "mobile Wi-Fi" or "my Wi-Fi." The use of this kind of system is clarified by both references.

Difference between Wi-Fi and MiFi

MiFi is a device, whereas Wi-Fi is a type of technology. When you are on the go, you use a MiFi gadget to access the internet (through Wi-Fi).

Is MiFi for you?

Travelers - If you fly abroad regularly or are often in areas without Wi-Fi connectivity, then a MiFi system will probably help you.

You have multiple devices - If you need many of your devices (phone, computer, iPad) while you are away from home to be able to connect to the internet, then you should consider buying a MiFi system.

Heave User - If you are a frequent internet user outside of your home and do not have an unlimited cellular data plan, then you should consider buying a MiFi system.

Phone Battery life - Then consider investing in a MiFi system if you are trying to conserve the battery life of your phone as cellular data sucks up more battery life than MiFi.

Comparison of MiFi Cost Per Provider

AT&T MiFi data plans

With the ability to add extra data to each package, AT&T internet provides three different data plans. The more expensive the package, the less it costs for extra data.

3GB/30 days: $25/mo. (add 1GB for additional $10/mo.)
10GB/30 days: $50/mo. (add 1.5GB for additional $10/mo.)
18GB/30 days: $75/mo. (add 2GB for additional $10/mo.)

T-Mobile MiFi data plans

Those with a T-Mobile contract for their mobile hotspot system automatically have access to unrestricted 3G speeds. To gain access to 5G speeds, add data to your contract. Additionally, when they add a line, T-Mobile clients will get 50 percent off the Inseego 5G MiFi M2000 unit.

500MB: $5/mo. 
2GB: $10/mo. 
10GB: $30/mo.
30GB: $40/mo. 
100GB: $50/mo. (limited time offer) 

Verizon MiFi data plans

Verizon internet provides data plans, both monthly and prepaid. If you know that you will regularly need access to mobile hotspots, then select one of the monthly plans. Otherwise, go with one of the prepaid plans from Verizon. For lighter Internet users, the prepaid plans are appealing because they do not enable you to pay for data daily.

Monthly plans
Unlimited: $20/mo. for monthly unlimited data 
Unlimited Plus: $30/mo. for monthly unlimited data + unlimited Ultra Wideband 5G access 
Prepaid plans
6GB: $35 
16GB: $45
30 GB: $65

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