The Best Streaming Service Deals

The Best Streaming Service Deals
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There's always a new way to save a few bucks. We've done the legwork for you and discovered the best-streaming TV deals that you can take advantage of right now.

One of the biggest advantages of streaming TV is that it's usually cheaper than cable or satellite... It is, after all, the most important selling factor. We aren't cheap; we are "cost-conscious."

Sure, they're primarily one-time bargains, but aren't all of life's best things? Don't concentrate on love, contentment, or Taco Tuesday. Just take advantage of them while they're still here.


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Streaming TV promotions and deals 

Apple's 12-month free Apple TV+ streaming offer expired in July, and the offer has been cut to three months. The free and reduced device offers from Sling TV will be available indefinitely.


Best Deal for Live TV Streaming:

Sling TV with free and discounted devices


They provide free and discounted gear but they have limited local channels.

Sling TV is one of the most popular live TV streaming services. But it doesn't simply market aggressively; it's also eager to give you free items in exchange for cutting the cable (or satellite beam).

The Basic Locals Bundle lets you prepay for two months of Sling TV and receive a free HD antenna for picking up local channels that Sling TV doesn't carry.

Sign up for Sling TV and prepay for two months to receive a free AirTV Mini device (normally $79.99). The AirTV Mini is a streaming device with a controller that looks like a Google Chromecast dongle (it really has Chromecast functions built-in).

For $99.00 (normally $244.98), you can prepay for three months of Sling TV and receive an AirTV Anywhere device and an HD antenna. The AirTV Anywhere gadget incorporates over-the-air networks such as ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC into Sling's screen guide, as well as a 1 TB DVR for recording those channels.


Best Deals for Students:


Discounted basic plan

Feature #1:Access to basic Hulu
Feature #2:Savings of $4 a month, or $48 annually

You can get 65% monthly savings but it is not available for all colleges.

Hulu's basic, ad-supported subscription is $1.99 per month for college students 18 and up, which is a 65 percent discount over the regular $5.99 per month.

You must be verified as a student by Sheer ID to be eligible. The offer isn't accessible at all colleges, and it's only good for as long as you're a registered student.


Best deal for Apple fans:

Free Apple TV+ with Apple product purchase

Price: Regularly $4.99/mo.
Feature #1:Apple TV+ originals
Feature #2:Free for 3 mos.

You get a free Apple TV+ but it is a limited-time offer.

Apple fans seldom need a cause to visit an Apple Store, but not everyone is convinced that the fast-growing Apple TV+ streaming service is worth $4.99 per month. Purchase a new iPhone, MacBook, iPad, or Apple TV, and Apple will include a free 12-month subscription to Apple TV+. In the end, you'll save $59.88 every year.

You can watch Ted Lasso, Mythic Quest: Raven's Banquet, and The Morning Show, among other Apple TV+ original shows, with it. When is Apple going to give something up for free? Get in on this one now, and—after July 2021, the deal will be reduced from 12 to three months free.
Feature #1:30-50 channels
Feature #2:Included AirTV devices


Best Deal for Amazon Prime Video for students:

Free and discounted Amazon Prime membership

Price: Free (6 mos.)
Feature #1:Access to Prime Video
Feature #2:$6.49/mo. (or $59.00/yr.) after trial

You can get 12 months of Free Amazon Prime membership but it is limited to Verizon Fios.

For higher education students, Amazon's Prime Student program offers a free six-month trial of Prime membership, followed by a discounted rate of $6.49 per month (or $59.00 per year—you may save even more money by paying for 12 months in advance). You'll also get free access to Prime Video as part of this deal.

Your Prime subscription will revert to its usual pricing of $12.99 per month or $119.00 per year after four years, or the end of your college studies, whichever comes first.


Best Deal Overall: 

Disney+, Hulu, ESPN+ bundle

Feature #1:Thousands of movies and TV shows
Feature #2:Live sports

You can save up to $72 but they don't offer other Disney networks.

Everyone loves Disney+, the $7.99-per-month streaming service that provides you access to a ton of Disney movies and series (as well as Baby Yoda and Loki), but what if that's not enough? Get this: Disney+ may be combined with Hulu and ESPN+.

Disney+ can be combined with Hulu (basic version with advertisements, typically $5.99 a month) and ESPN+ (regularly $5.99 a month) for $13.99 a month. That's a $6 monthly savings, or $72 a year. With the extra green, you may increase your internet speed. You might need it with all that streaming.

There are even variations on this bundle that can save you money on ad-free Hulu or Hulu + Live TV—for more information, see our Hulu Bundles guide.

What to look for in streaming TV deals and packages

How long will the deal be valid?

When the time limit on your deal expires, you'll be charged the usual rate for the service. The Disney+ bundle has no time limit (yet), but AT&T's free HBO Max offer is only good for a year, after which you'll have to pay $14.99 per month.

Fees that are not disclosed

Extra costs may be tacked on by a supplier, which might eat into your overall savings. Although it is taxing on the eyes, always read the fine print before signing up.

Customers who are currently eligible

The majority of the offers we've discussed are intended to get new consumers to sign up, but current customers can sometimes take advantage of them as well. If you're an existing client with good standing with your supplier, simply inquire if you can benefit from the same offer as a new customer. They will, in most situations, work with you to keep you as a customer.



In our perspective, the Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ bundle is the best deal—mostly because, unlike most other offerings, it doesn't have an expiration date. Even though Apple constantly threatening to shorten or discontinue the deal, we like the free Apple TV+ with an Apple product purchase.

Sling TV, more than the others, is continually wheeling and dealing with customers—check out our Sling TV Deals guide for more information.

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