Spectrum TV Choice : Pricing, Channels, and More

Spectrum TV Choice : Pricing, Channels, and More
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Do you enjoy Spectrum and streaming? Spectrum TV Choice, on the other hand, is a live TV streaming service that is only available to Spectrum internet members.

It has a smaller channel roster (15 cable channels of your choosing + local channels) and costs less ($29.99 per month) than traditional cable TV services. So, in a nutshell, Spectrum streaming is sleek and tidy. And don't worry, we'll inform you if it's worthwhile.

Is Spectrum TV Choice a decent option?

If you have Spectrum internet and don't mind a two-year contract, Spectrum TV Choice may be a nice option for you.

Spectrum TV Choice is less expensive than any basic cable bundle at $24.99 per month.

It also features a larger selection of popular cable channels than basic cable, including the best premium channel add-on (Spectrum Premium Pack), which includes HBO Max, SHOWTIME®, STARZ®, STARZ ENCORE, and THE MOVIE CHANNEL for $40 per month.

However, depending on your channel preferences, another low-cost live TV streaming service like Philo ($25 per month; no obligation) may be a better fit.

Spectrum TV Choice offers free trials and special offers.

Spectrum TV Choice is currently available for a free seven-day trial for Spectrum internet users.

If you want a good price on premium channels, Spectrum is offering the Spectrum Premium Pack for $15 per month, which includes HBO, SHOWTIME, STARZ, STARZ ENCORE, and THE MOVIE CHANNEL (TMC). You'll have a hard time finding a better offer anyplace else.






However, you'll only get approximately a third of the channels and a lot less DVR capacity if you choose Spectrum TV Choice. As you've seen, Spectrum TV Choice is roughly half the price of Spectrum Select, the company's cheapest cable TV package, and will also save you money on monthly DVR expenses.

If you prefer channel surfing and binge-watching, you might want to consider a conventional Spectrum TV bundle rather than Spectrum TV Choice.


Compared to others


Spectrum TV Choice isn't our first selection when it comes to liveTV streaming heavyweights.

Hulu Live outperforms Spectrum TV Choice in terms of live channels, on-demand shows and movies, and cloud DVR.

For about $60 per month, Sling TV Orange + Blue with the Sports Extras add-on is fantastic for live sports—you get a lot more cable sports networks and big-league sports networks than you would with Spectrum TV Choice.

The cheapest live TV streaming provider is Philo. It costs a little less than Spectrum TV Choice and offers a solid mix of lifestyle and entertainment channels.


Is Spectrum TV Choice worth it in the end?


For some people, Spectrum TV Choice may be worth it, especially if you want to save money on premium channels like HBO Max, SHOWTIME, and STARZ.

If that's not the case, you still have options. We ranked YouTube TV as the best overall live TV streaming service in 2021. It has a large number of live TV channels (over 100) and unlimited cloud DVR storage.

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