Safe Internet: Tips to Stay Safe Online

Safe Internet: Tips to Stay Safe Online

Be attentive when opening links especially files or links sent via social media websites or email. Avoid opening emails from the Spam folder. Inspect and examine  URLs before opening it to make sure they are from a legitimate website. Deals and Offers are the common subject fo scams, do not provide any personal information to avoid falling to a victim.

Use random alphanumeric characters and symbols when making passwords. The longer the password with a mix of random characters is harder to guess or crack.

Avoid downloading and installing Apps sent via links or emails. Do not use an unofficial third-party website or store to avoid getting hack. Use the Google Playstore and Apple App Store to keep your data secured.

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Always disable microphone and cameras when not in use. You don't want prying eyes, When your PC or laptops gets compromised by malware hackers will able to record your activity while browsing the internet. Shutdown your PC or laptop as soon as possible when not in use.

Keeping your PC and Laptops updated will secure your software and other components. Just in case your computer got hack, updates will secure your device with the latest software patch.


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