NFL Game Pass Features, Cost, Features and More

NFL Game Pass Features, Cost, Features  and More
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NFL Game Pass

The NFL offers an on-demand streaming service called NFL Game Pass. It costs $99 per season and lets you view every NFL game immediately after it has finished airing live, without commercials.

Regarding the above-mentioned exception: While US-based NFL Game Pass subscribers do not have access to live regular-season games,  and overseas subscribers do.

However, NFL Game Pass does not broadcast playoff or Super Bowl games, regardless of where you live. You'll need cable tv, satellite, or streaming TV service—or an OTA antenna—for them.


COST: $99/yr.
Every NFL game after it airs
No commercials
Original content



Every NFL game after it airs
No commercials
Original content
Cheaper price than NFL SUNDAY TICKET


No live games
No playoff or Super Bowl games
Confusing free trial

Cable and Internet Provider for NFL 

Buck Eye Broadband
Cable One

Can I use a VPN to watch NFL Game Pass International?


Using a VPN to stream every live NFL game depends on whether or not NFL Game Pass has blocked the VPN you're using.

Does it seem too good to be true? Because VPNs are known to be restricted by NFL Game Pass, it's exceedingly difficult to find one that isn't, much alone utilize one for a full season.

Is the NFL Game Pass worth the money?

We've said this before and, and we'll repeat it again: if you have Le'veon Bell's patience, NFL Game Pass might be worth it.

We appreciate being able to watch every NFL game without ads, even if it is after the game has aired. If you can't stomach spoilers, though, NFL Game Pass may not be worth the $99 per season investment.

NFL Game Pass Free Trial?

Despite the fact that NFL Game Pass advertises a free seven-day trial, there is no visible method to sign up for it. “NFL Game Pass is temporarily unavailable for purchase,” it reads when you click “Subscribe Now.” It is, after all, the off-season. But it's still a little strange.

There's another option to get a free taste of Game Pass material before you buy it. You can use your username and password to access NFL Film Sessions and original shows on Game Pass, but not games (live or otherwise). This is also unusual.

A free trial should, according to NFL Game Pass, provide all of the customary material with the following limitations:

Any replay of a preseason game that aired locally and on the NFL Network, as well as Thursday Night Football games during the regular broadcast season, is subject to a 72-hour delay.

During the trial, any NFL Network material that has aired in the last 45 days may not be available.

So, while it isn't a full trial, it is free. If and when the NFL Game Pass trial policy changes, we'll update this post.

How much is it?

The NFL Game Pass costs $99 for the entire season. If that sounds like a lot, there are a few options for paying (or not paying) that may help you with the costs.

A single $99.00 payment is required.

4 monthly installments of $29.99 until the total is paid

During the off-season, you can get a free trial.

If you can't afford NFL SUNDAY TICKET, NFL Game Pass is a good compromise. After the break, there'll be more on it.


When compared to NFL SUNDAY TICKET, there is one circumstance in which NFL Game Pass appears to be extremely affordable.

NFL SUNDAY TICKET isn't cheap, costing $293.94 per season plus the cost of a two-year DIRECTV commitment (beginning at $64.99 per month for the first year). However, every out-of-market game is broadcast live.

On the other hand, if you want to watch every NFL game and are ready to wait for each one to be streamed, a season of NFL Game Pass for $99.00 is the way to go. You won't have to sit through interminable commercials, either.

How does it work?

To watch NFL Game Pass, you'll need to download the NFL app. There isn't a separate app for NFL Game Pass.

Don't worry, the NFL app is simple to use, as we'll demonstrate.

How can I Stream through the NFL app?

1. Go to your device's app store.
2. Look up the National Football League.
3. Choose the NFL app.
4. Install the NFL app on your device.
5. Login using your NFL Game Pass credentials.
6. Begin streaming.

You may switch between featured programming (such as NFL Game Pass Film Sessions and documentaries) and replays of every NFL game, including the playoffs and Super Bowl, on an Apple TV (my preferred device).

A live feed of the NFL Network video of sports experts and Hall of Famers talking shop is also available at the top of the Featured tab. (Football rumors? Please, yes.)

Overall, NFL Game Pass on the NFL app is as straightforward and efficient as a Tom Brady quarterback sneak.

NFL app compatible devices

Amazon Fire TV
Android phones and tablets
Android TV
Apple TV
iOS phones and tablets
PlayStation 4
Xbox One


NFL Game Pass has perfected the art of replay. It's insane that you can watch any NFL game without ads on-demand dating back to the 2009 season.

You don't have time to watch all of the games? Use the Condensed Game option to reduce the length of each game to roughly 45 minutes by just showing crucial plays and touchdown drives.

Game Replays are the bread and butter of NFL Game Pass, and no other streaming service comes close to the ease and pure value that Game Pass provides.

Shows and documentaries

You know, now that we're all spending more time in front of the TV, NFL Game Pass's original programming is a huge plus.

I've been enjoying some of The Timeline's mini-documentaries over the last month, such as "A Tale of Two Cities" (detailing the Niners-Cowboys rivalry) and "'91 Falcons" (love me some Primetime).

Other content concentrates on game film and commentary, and there is plenty of it to keep you occupied throughout your quarantine.

NFL Game Pass original content

The Timeline
Film Sessions
Around the NFL
Game Theory
A Football Life


We were hesitant at first, but NFL Game Pass won us over. If you can't wait to stream your games and don't want to watch ads, Game Replays are a great option.

The original shows and documentaries on NFL Game Pass are also quite good. And, at $99 per season, we think NFL Game Pass is a good deal for football lovers who don't want to pay the linebacker-sized price tag of NFL SUNDAY TICKET.

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