Netflix Hacks that will Change your Life

Netflix Hacks that will Change your Life

Netflix is one of the most popular streaming services in the world, with its large content collection, including original shows, all at an affordable price and without advertising, not for nothing. That said nothing is perfect: it can be a pain to navigate Netflix's catalog; films seem to vanish every now and then and some content is completely unavailable in many countries. Neither of those problems, however, is insurmountable. Here's how they can be solved.

How to set up a movie party online

At present, it may not be possible to hold movie parties with friends because of the COVID-19 pandemic and related restrictions, and watching movies alone is not always pleasant. Of course, you should hook up with Zoom and try to watch it that way. But most likely, if you do that, all of you will end up watching at your own speed, watching over a slower link, pausing at various times, and so on, making it difficult to communicate with each other.

The question of remote synchronization was so pressing that Teleparty, a free plugin for Google Chrome, was developed by a team of enthusiasts. With it, friends can not only watch their favorite films and TV shows on Netflix, but also on Disney+, Hulu, and HBO, as if they were all in the same place, and talk to them using the chat function.

The one snag of Teleparty is its unwillingness to make all attendants share one account, as individuals do during in-person meetings. Everyone wants their own account for remote sessions capable of streaming the same show. There's really nothing to it outside of that restriction, though. Just pick the video that you want, open the plugin, use it to create a connection, give your friends a link, and watch it.

How to identify Secret Categories of Content

Netflix lets you use different criteria to search for content: title, cast, genre, and so on. That's fairly straightforward if you're scrolling at movie titles and the names of actors. However, when it comes to genre, the sheer number of categories and subcategories can become a little bit important. Science fiction and fantasy, to give you an idea, are divided into ten subgroups. And it can be far from intuitive to enter what you need to enter in the search box to get to the films you want to see.

Movie buffs assembled a list of Netflix category codes to overcome the problem of navigating by genre. URLs that take the user to sets of shows and movies from relevant genres and subgenres are attached to the codes. Only type http:/ into the address bar of your browser to open a specific set, replacing #### with the category code. The category list can be found here

Where to find out what's happening on Netflix

Netflix offers new release information or whether a show is about to leave the network, but it's not always easy to find, so the What's On Netflix site was developed by a group of Netflix fans. The Netflix news is structured in an eye-friendly manner, and users are never more than a few clicks away from knowing what's new, what's coming soon, and what's leaving the network. It publishes current information for other regions as well, despite being a US site.

What’s On Netflix 2021

How content can be accessed from anywhere in the world

Its location-tied content is another Netflix problem. Want to watch a show abroad on vacation? Maybe you would be disappointed. Will you like to develop your language skills by making a foreign film? Maybe it won't play.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution to that problem: VPN Secure Connection. The VPN redirects data via one of hundreds of transit servers located all over the world through an encrypted link, making Netflix catalogs accessible in every corner of the globe for the US and UK. There is always another one to connect to if one transit server unexpectedly goes down.

VPN Secure Connection, interestingly, solves another online viewing problem. Some ISPs track and slow down video streams from Netflix, forcing the service to lower the speed of transmission, which degrades the quality of the clip. That way, at the cost of your viewing experience, the ISP saves bandwidth. VPN Protected Link encrypts data so that video streaming can not be detected by ISPs, thereby giving you the speed and image quality you paid for.

How to get suggestions based on mood

Experienced Netflixers know that the service allows you to create different profiles for family members, for instance, in one account. For people simply looking to maximize Netflix's recommendations framework, this feature may also come in handy.

That's because the service learns about your interests, likes and dislikes, and other experiences with the interface from your viewing history. It works well if your tastes are clear and predictable. But what if your mood, the atmosphere or the location of the stars in the sky depend on them?

For instance, you might want a rom-com or a movie about animals on a sunny afternoon, while you might want a horror flick or a psychological thriller during a storm. Netflix can only snatch at straws without any context or access to your mind.

To help express the diversity of your interests, you can use profiles. "Watch with friends," "Gym," "A good cry," and so on. Build a couple and use them as playlists. Incidentally, for movies that you want to keep private, you can set up a different profile and just open it when you're alone.



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