Learn More About Xfinity X1 DVR Features and Plans

Learn More About Xfinity X1 DVR Features and Plans
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Xfinity X1 is the central hub that makes it easier than ever, whether you want to search for a particular tune, watch a movie, catch up on the newest in sports, or kick back and enjoy with live TV or a recorded program on your DVR. And how so? Let's take a quick look.

What's Xfinity X1 all about? 

Xfinity X1Xfinity Internet defines X1 as "the ultimate entertainment," and once you have had a chance to explore its functionality, it would be difficult to argue the point. By harnessing all your forms of entertainment into one easy-to-use user interface that can be managed by their award-winning Voice Remote, X1 earns its label. X1 is the central hub that makes it easier than ever, whether you want to listen to your favorite music, watch a movie, catch up on the latest in sports, or kick back and relax with live TV or a recorded show on your DVR.

Xfinity X1 Remote

If we did not start with one of the most significant and common X1 features, the unparalleled Voice Remote, we would be inappropriate. This is the remote that we've all been waiting for, but we haven't even thought about dreaming. With simple commands, you can power your device on and off, and check for films and series, of course. You and other users are also helping the voice commands get "smarter" with each search. X1 continues to better understand what to offer as users around the country search for content using various contextual terms, like the title, actor, producer, or even a common quote from the production.

Storage in the Cloud

We all remember back in the days of DVRs when we were required to eventually uninstall saved programs before we even had an option to view it, just to "make space."  Today, with 500GB of cloud storage space, the Xfinity X1 DVR comes full, giving you more than enough time to watch all your favorite shows before you even have to think about removing them.

An additional advantage of cloud storage is that it is not connected to your own DVR. Older DVRs have programs stored on an internal hard drive, forcing you to directly access them. They can be conveniently accessed from your home TV, or your tablet or mobile, wherever you are, with your DVR recordings in the cloud.

X1 Makes it Much Easier to Stream 

Who didn't click between Hulu, Netflix, Prime Video, and Cable to immediately try to remember just where we started the movie? Sometimes it can be easy to forget exactly where we ended off, with so many entertainment opportunities at our hands. The days of clicking on applications that individually scan for your favorite shows and movies are over with Xfinity X1. X1 is the new home for all your streaming apps, live TV, on-demand shows, and recorded shows, a platform where all of your subscriptions can be searched quickly and conveniently at once!

X1 is Friendly for Families 

With age-appropriate shows and movies that you don't have to think about screening beforehand, X1's Kids Zone is a favorite of parents and children together. Parental controls that are easy to use help you take the tension out of the screen time, without thinking about which video will pop up next. Easily set up a protection level that is age-appropriate and give yourself some peace of mind while shielding your little one from undesirable material.

 Xfinity X1 Approved by Sports Fans

Xfinity X1 knows that while all teams in the league want to keep up with the general numbers, you're just a die-hard fan of a very few. And you want to keep up with every point scored for those few, and never miss a fastball, score, free kick, or three-point shot. By personalizing your experience to highlight your favorite players, offering helpful tips and reminders, and most importantly, stats, X1 makes this possible!

Perfect for seniors. 

It is not as much a part of their everyday lives as it is for younger generations, modern technology can also be more difficult for senior citizens to learn to use. There is often diminished vision or arthritis in many elderly people, which makes it a challenge to use a remote control with tiny, hard-to-read buttons. It is not difficult to understand why some want to "stick to what they know" and refrain from embracing modern technologies for as long as necessary.

The uniqueness of X1 is that just what makes it so easy to use is its advanced technology! The Voice Remote makes it much easier to bring up the TV manual, follow voice commands to take you to the show you want, or even provide voice instruction that reads the text and options on the screen aloud as you navigate. Indeed, it's not just that they're "set in their ways," for many seniors. They just didn't have modern technology that was compatible with their preferences.

Bundles Up for Savings: X1 TV and Internet 

Xfinity provides multiple X1 package options, along with options for Voice, TV, and Xfinity Internet. These are subdivided into packs for X1 Saver, X1 Starter, X1 Preferred, and X1 Premier, with a range of download speeds and platforms, including packages with or without the provision of a phone plan.

Xfinity X1 Extra Features and Considerations 

1. X1 services provide free access to  millions of WiFi hotspots at Xfinity 
2. The sleek, attractive design is simple to use and efficient. 
3. Xfinity On Demand provides thousands of choices, long before other common platforms have them, including newly released movies. 
4. The Xfinity Stream App includes a visually and technically identical interface for a seamless entertainment experience to watch on your TV.
5. You can record up to 6 programs running concurrently in the same period. 
6. You can use your mobile as an extra voice control remote with the Xfinity TV Remote App, ideal for those times when you really don't know which couch cushion the real remote is misplaced. 
7. Xfinity X1 has a range of popular TV applications, including Sports, Weather, Netflix, Pandora, Stocks,  and more.

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