Internet Resource That Makes You Productive While working from home

Internet Resource That Makes You Productive While working from home

Wed, Aug 5, 2020 6:17 PM


In case you're new to remote working or attempting to make sense of how to sell online during a pandemic, the Internet has your back. These tips, websites, and articles will assist you with being gainful from anyplace. Using these tools and websites will help you with your reselling business.

Hallway and Work From Home Party 
10-Minute Video Watercooler Breaks. A text chat is nice, but it’s not the same as those water-cooler breaks catching up with office buddies. And if you live alone, it can feel weird not to speak to anyone for hours on end while you’re isolated. The hallway is here to fill that void without affecting your productivity.


Best Remote Work Communities 
Slack Channels to Simulate Office. It can get lonely working from home, especially if you are used to chatting with colleagues as you go about your day. Hopefully, your company has set up a workplace messenger like Slack or Microsoft Team. But in case they haven’t, you can join one of the open-for-all remote work communities.


The Best Remote and Work From Home Apps. There are many, many, many websites that aggregate the best apps for remote workers or work-from-home needs. Remote. Tools stood out for me because of how easy it makes the search and discovery of these tools.

Remote Work Resources 
Mega-List of Remote Links. Recruitment agency Springworks compiled a mega-list of the best links about working from home. The spreadsheet has over 300 items, spanning a variety of categories like articles, tools, books, podcasts, and products.


WFH Manual
Tools, Tips, and Tweets, WFH Manual has two other sections: Practices and Resources. In Practices, you’ll find articles and guides by both managers and employees about working remotely and staying productive. Resources focus on app curation and software stashes, along with a few tweets gathering recommendations for apps.

wfh manual