How To Choose the Perfect Video Conferencing Solution

How To Choose the Perfect Video Conferencing Solution
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Companies nad businesses must understand exactly what kind of meetings they plan to host through video conferencing solution in order to make communication seamless and have an idea of what features and integrations they need to facilitate it. The layout of your specifications for video conferencing and have an understanding of which features allow it.

Chosing a solution for video conferencing 

It's important to consider a few aspects before selecting a video conferencing app: 

How: Can a company host small team meetings or conference calls in the company? Will the moderator be able to type questions for the participants? Will presenters share written or only spoken presentations? 

Where: It is crucial to decide how and where video conferences will be held by an organization and where participants will physically be when they dial in. A completely remote workforce, for example, may use their phones from their homes. Instead, companies that have office employees may choose to have teams from a conference room access the video call.

How many: Some departments may choose to hold one-on-one meetings, while others may link the entire business using video conferencing. The number of participants a company may include is restricted by several video conferencing services. To limit the search to resources that can accommodate, a company should have a rough estimate of the maximum number of meeting attendees.  Leaders need to decide which approach is right for them with a better understanding of the role that video can play in their organization.

What to Look for in a Video Conferencing Solution


Some video conferencing solutions allow software such as Google, Salesforce, and Microsoft 365 to be incorporated by third parties. Organizations who already have subscriptions to these other platforms can search for a site that can integrate them for video conferencing. 

Integrations make it possible for users to: 

Schedule/launch meetings: Video conferencing solutions that interact with calendar apps or email clients enable users to schedule/launch meetings easily without having to exit such apps or send an email to other participants.

Import presentations and documents: This improves video conferences with a visual assistant, or helps teams to update real-time files or tasks. 

Add notes: Certain video conferencing platforms take notes of a meeting automatically using artificial intelligence. Others allow their own notes to be added by users. 

Record videos: Some applications for video conferencing allow users to save a documented meeting file. These recordings may be useful for projects or as training materials for new workers to reference.

User Experience

Ease of use is crucial no matter how a company plans to use its video conferencing platform. Convoluted applications for video conferencing are challenging for workers and IT teams alike. To optimize video calls, consider these features: 

One-click to access: An specification given for video conferences should make it easy for individuals to join via a connection, meeting code, or number. They are more likely to default to less interactive modes of communication, such as texting or email, if users have to download apps, enter passwords, or jump through several hoops to attend a meeting.

HD audio and video: Video conferencing is intended to mimic in-person meetings as much as possible, so the emphasis can be significantly affected by poor video and audio quality. A video conferencing network should maintain high-quality video and audio regardless of how many people are on the call and where they are coming from. 

Sharing the screen: Sharing the screen helps participants to see the screen of the speaker. Screen sharing, used in combination with video, is a critical feature for making conferences more interactive and having everyone is on the same track.

Reliability and Security

As they look for a video conferencing solution, security is among one of the top concerns for IT teams. Who is able to accuse them? Many meetings contain sensitive details, and it can be a major violation of business confidentiality for an unwelcome guest. 

Look for suppliers that report accurate reports on their security and enforcement activities. Make sure that your app is designed with multiple layers of security, is reviewed regularly by third-party audits, and is regularly evaluated for penetration.

Phone, Video, Messaging

The best platform for video conferencing allows communication with external functionality such as texting and cloud phones beyond what is addressed on the call. During a video call, providing other means of contact allows teams initiate side conversations without detracting from the speaker's attention. For example, the marketing team might start a message thread to brainstorm ideas about the launch strategy if the speaker is talking about a new product launch. Video is strong, but these added functions provide an interactive environment for video conferencing.

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