Here's How to Fix Netflix If It's Not Working Properly

Here's How to Fix Netflix If It's Not Working Properly

Netflix is perhaps one of the world's most popular video streaming services, but that does not guarantee it is always a pleasure to use it. Netflix can often fail to function by relying on software, internet access, and third-party hardware, the official apps crash, fail to open properly, are unable to play movies and TV shows, or even just load a black screen on your TV, tablets, and smartphones.

Although the Netflix app is available on a wide range of platforms, there are some solutions that work across the board to fix a malfunctioning app, no matter what device you used.

troubleshooting Netflix

Troubleshooting Netflix (What to do first)

1. Check if it's down on Netflix. It may simply be that the Netflix service itself is down or unavailable if the Netflix app fails to load or a film or TV show won't start. To see if there is a problem with Netflix's servers, use that connection. If there is, you can't do anything but wait for them to repair it.

2. Restarting your smartphones or TV. It has almost become a bit of a joke, but restarting your computer will always repair a defective app or system issue.

3. Check your connection to the internet or phone reception. Netflix isn't going to work if your internet is down. Make sure that your Wi-Fi or cellular connection is turned on and that you have not unintentionally placed your computer in airplane mode. To see if they can connect to the internet, try other applications as well.

4. Get your router rebooted. If your internet is offline or you seem to have been connected, but applications do not work correctly, your network hardware may be a problem.

5. As with a system update, keeping the Netflix software up-to-date is incredibly important, as the latest version might be required to run on your computer or to connect to streaming media servers on Netflix. An app update could also fix any Netflix error codes you get, such as the UI-800-3 error code.

6. On all platforms, sign off on Netflix. Occasionally, using Netflix on different devices will create conflict within the Netflix servers, even if your membership allows it. This can be corrected by logging out of Netflix all at once on every computer.

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Here's How to Fix Netflix If It's Not Working Properly

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