Choosing the Best Type of Internet for your Business

Choosing the Best Type of Internet for your Business
Internet Bundles

What your Business Really Need

So as to pick a reasonable business internet connection, you'll have to comprehend your association's present and future IT prerequisites.

Consider how your staff and clients utilize the web while working or connecting with your business, Do they simply need to get to email and peruse the web… or do they normally stream video content, download enormous records, participate in audio conferencing or utilize a VoIP phone framework? If they don’t know, is the situation likely to change in the next few years? These things require a progressive connection and more noteworthy data transmission, so you'll have to consider while considering different internet service providers (ISPs) and bundles.

If your business is small, you may feel you could pull off utilizing a private broadband connection, These are regularly less expensive than services focused on business, yet be careful about potential traps. A few bundles forbid business use, and some can't convey transfer speeds that are adequate for business use – tricky in the event that you have a site or other online service or use cloud storage. In spite of the fact that they cost more, assigned business internet connections normally offer better an incentive as they will in general incorporate additional highlights and spot more noteworthy emphasis on uptime, service, and support

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Which  types of internet connection are available to you

Not all business internet connection types are available in all parts of the country. Your choices will probably include the following:



Supplied via a cable company, this popular type of connection is delivered over cable TV lines and will support a few dozen typical users at the same time.


Pros: A robust connection with speeds of 50 to 500 Mbps for downloads and 2-10 Mbps for uploads.

Cons: Connections share bandwidth with other users in the area so maybe slower at peak times.



Supplied via a telecom company and delivered through traditional telephone lines, DSL connections can usually support up to 12 concurrent users.

Pros: Low cost.

Cons: Speeds are limited to around 15 Mbps for downloads and 1mbps for uploads. Performance depends on how far you are from the nearest telephone exchange.



Uses an external dish to bounce a signal off a satellite.

Pros: As there is no need for cables or wireless towers nearby, this is sometimes the only high-speed connection available in rural areas.

Cons: Slow for business use, with download speeds reaching only 3-15 Mbps.


Fiber Optics

This super-fast fiber-optic connection is new and expensive, but high bandwidth potential means vastly superior download speeds.

Pros: Requires specialist equipment to be installed. There is no loss of signal in bad weather and fiber optic connectors are harder to hack into than copper wires. Delivers up to 1Gbps for downloads and 5-35 Mbps for uploads.

Cons: The most expensive option. As a new technology, availability is limited by geographic location.


Fixed wireless

Fixed wireless also is known as a wireless ethernet establishes a connection via radio signal. This type of service can be fairly fast, but the signal can be interrupted by adverse weather or by trees and buildings located between users and the wireless tower.



Old technology is now considered far too slow for use as a business internet connection.


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