Cheap Internet: Frequently Asked Questions

Cheap Internet: Frequently Asked Questions
Internet Bundles

Who has the cheapest internet connection?

With a 1,000 GB data limit, Xfinity Internet has a fairly priced broadband internet plan, which is absolutely workable, even for Netflix lovers. Xfinity Performance Select is an inexpensive internet plan which costs $34.99 a month.

There are probably cheaper plans out there, but we don't feel confident suggesting anything which is slower-than-broadband speeds and low data caps.

Focus on saving yourself such a migraine and go with a fast, reliable plan that is not built with extra fees to gouge you.

Will families with low incomes get the internet for free?

Families with low incomes will also get support from the government to pay for their internet expenses. For low-income families, teachers, and veterans, many ISPs also offer special discount packages.

To read about how you can sign up for these plans, check out our guide to low-income internet plans and which ones will save you the most cash.

What's the difference between the Internet and Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi is a wirelessly transmitted internet connection, typically with an in-home router. Wi-Fi is a common term for internet replacements, but it's just the way many people use their internet service. The internet itself is this awesome environment that we're actually hanging out in.

Without cable TV, how do I get wireless internet?

If your internet provider used to ask you to bundle cable TV with your internet, it almost certainly no longer does. You should contact your company to cancel your TV service and ensure that your cable equipment is returned so that no further costs are incurred.

And you can find other choices in your region if you're ready for a new internet provider by typing your zip code below:

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The internet allows us to connect with each other from all over the world, find the answer in a matter of seconds to almost every question, order food, get directions, send pictures, and so much more.