Boost Satellite Internet Signal With Simple Steps

Boost Satellite Internet Signal With Simple Steps
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Satellite internet can be a good option for rural areas. But if you are having a slow internet connection, you can try this solution to boost satellite internet.

What is satellite internet?

It is a wireless internet connection that involves 3 dishes(satellite). One attache to your house, one at your internet service provider center, and one on the space. In order for you to use the satellite dish, you also need a modem and cable to run your internet. 

Once all are installed and connected, the internet service provider will send an internet data signal to the space dish and relay it to your home satellite. Vice versa if you are browsing web pages, uploading/downloading, video conferencing, sending an email, etc. 

If you are living in an area where cable and Dsl are not available, using a satellite internet is best for you. 

boost satellite internet

How to boost satellite internet?

Place the satellite closer 
Internet travel can affect the strength of your connection, it can weaken the travel to your modem from your satellite dish. Consider moving your satellite dish closer to your home. Ask your ISP if they reposition your satellite dish safely on your roof or side of your house.

Clear the surrounding
Removing any obstacle such as trees and bushes around your satellite can boost satellite internet signal. These obstacles can be blocking your satellite can affect the travel of the signal to your modem which slows down your internet connection.

Add in-line amplifier
An in-line amplifier is used to boost internet signal form your dish satellite to your modem or receiver. Just simply install the satellite in-line amplifier at the dish satellite or signal source or ask your ISP to install it or refer your manual. This device is required when your satellite signal is too weak. 

Switching Satellite
Simply ask your internet service provider if you can switch which satellite can be directed to your dish. Seems weird, but many ISP have multiple satellites orbiting the earth. 

Switch Satellite ISP
If you think all listed mentioned above are not working for you and your ISP can't offer any other option for you, consider switching service providers.

Are you getting the right internet signal? Test your Satellite internet signal now!

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