Best Fiber Internet Providers | Guide

Best Fiber Internet Providers | Guide
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To help you choose the right plan, we researched each major fiber internet provider in the US.  Which fiber internet service provider is better depends on what you want to get from the internet and your address? 
For most people, we suggest getting on it whether you can get Verizon Fios or Optimum. At competitive price points, both providers offer fast speeds.
We recommend Verizon Fios for its affordable pricing, sign-up offers, and high customer loyalty if you are searching for the very best fiber internet available. 


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We like Optimum for its no-contract plans, reasonable pricing, and excellent speeds.  

But because we're speaking about fiber, almost any option is a good choice. That's why our take on the cheapest gig speeds (AT&T Fiber), the quickest (Xfinity), and even one with lifetime pricing have also been included (CenturyLink). 

What we are really trying to suggest here is, that you should certainly go for it if you can get fiber internet in your neighborhood.



The Best Fiber Internet Providers  2022

Overall best: Verizon Fios Fios 

When we polled over two thousand individuals about their internet service, customers of Verizon Fios were by far the most pleased. In reality, in internet speed, reliability, customer service, and monthly bill price, Verizon Fios topped the categories. 

Go for it If Verizon Fios is available in your area. In most budgets, their price range suits comfortably, and Verizon woos potential customers with additional benefits such as these: 


  • Amazon Echo Dot and Smart Plug (free of charge in some plans)

  • Amazon Echo Show (Free 5 in some plans)

  • Stream TV included in some plans 


With our internet service, we will definitely not turn down the opportunity to binge-watch more TV. 

There is a lot to recommend between strong customer loyalty and sign-up offers as the best overall fiber supplier for Verizon Fios.



The Best Fiber Internet Providers  2022

Best Value: Optimum 

On the fiber scene, Optimum is a relatively new contender. But for just $69.99 a month, 1,000 Mbps download rates, and no-contract plans have catapulted it to the top. 
Combine its low cost with the fact that Optimum provides sleek equipment and fiber-optic Wi-Fi built-in, and you can see why Optimum is what we want. 
However, bear in mind that the optimal clients we surveyed were not among the happiest. But hey, we suspect a lot of them still have Optimum's wired internet. 

We believe Optimum is a perfect deal for gig fans who want a killer price and no contract.



The Best Fiber Internet Providers  2022

Cheapest for Gig internet: AT&T Fiber

If you want an internet gig at about the lowest price point with $60 a month then you're going to want the internet from AT&T Fiber. 
Not only is AT&T Fiber cheap, but in our 2020 Internet customer satisfaction survey, it came in third overall and now features no annual contracts. 
Then why isn't AT&T Fiber our best-value pick? It was a close contest, but the restricted availability and countless secret fees of AT&T Fiber eventually put it just behind Optimum. Also, AT&T Fiber is a great deal, so we say sign up for it today if you're one of the lucky ones to have it in your area.



The Best Fiber Internet Providers  2022

The Fastest: Xfinity 

In certain areas with speeds up to 2,000 Mbps, Xfinity provides fiber internet. Hands down, no other fiber provider will come near in terms of download speeds. But is the Internet's Xfinity fiber worth it? We don't think so, at $299.95 a month for download rates of up to 2,000. The simple fact is that, depending on how many people use your internet service, most households can do just fine with download speeds of 300-1,000 Mbps. 




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