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Viasat Satellite Internet Packages Summary

Data effective as of publish date. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.

*Prices and availability vary by location. Installation fees, monthly equipment lease fees, and taxes may apply. After 100/150/300/500 GB of High-Speed Data usage, you still have unlimited access to Standard Data, which may result in slower speed.

Depending on the specific unlimited data service plan available at your location, after you use the following amount of High-Speed Data, you will continue to receive unlimited data (referred to as “Standard Data”); however, Viasat may prioritize Standard Data behind other customers during network congestion, which will result in slower speeds: Choice 12 Mbps/60 GB (60 GB); Choice 25 Mbps/40 GB (40 GB); Choice 25 Mbps/60 GB (60 GB); Choice 25 Mbps/100 GB (100 GB); Choice 30 Mbps/60 GB (60 GB); Choice 30 Mbps/100 GB (100 GB); Choice 30 Mbps/150 GB (150 GB); Choice 30 Mbps/300 GB (300 GB); Choice 30 Mbps/500 GB (500 GB); Choice 35 Mbps/150 GB (150 GB); Choice 35 Mbps/300 GB (300 GB); Choice 40 Mbps/100 GB (100 GB); Choice 40 Mbps/150 GB (150 GB); Choice 50 Mbps/60 GB (60 GB); Choice 50 Mbps/100 GB (100 GB); Choice 50 Mbps/150 GB (150 GB); Choice 50 Mbps/300 GB (300 GB); Choice 50 Mbps/500 GB (500 GB); Choice 75 Mbps/100 GB (100 GB); Choice 75 Mbps/150 GB (150 GB); Choice 100 Mbps/150 GB (150 GB); Choice 100 Mbps/300 GB (300 GB); Choice 100 Mbps/500 GB (500 GB); Choice 125 Mbps/300 GB (300GB); Choice 150 Mbps/300 GB (300 GB); and Choice 150 Mbps/500 GB (500 GB); Bronze 12 (35 GB, 40 GB or 80 GB, depending on your specific plan); Silver 12 (45 GB); Gold 12 (65 GB); Bronze 25 (35 GB); Silver 25 (60 GB, 100 GB or 120 GB depending on your specific plan); Gold 30 (100 GB or 200 GB depending on your specific plan); Gold 50 (100 GB or 200 GB depending on your specific plan); Platinum 30 (150 GB), Platinum 50 (150 GB), Platinum 100 (150 GB or 300 GB depending on your specific plan), Diamond 30 (300 GB), Diamond 50 (300 GB); and Diamond 100 (300 GB).

*Free standard installation offer available only to new qualifying Viasat home internet customeres. Offer requires credit qualification. Installation fees apply to non-qualifying customers. Free standard installation offer is not available in all areas.

Minimum 24-month service term. Monthly service fee, equipment lease fee and taxes apply. Speeds are "up to," are not guaranteed and will vary. Service is not available in all areas. Offer may be changed or withdrawn at any time.

Package Download Speeds Data cap 3-month promo price* Price after 3 mos.*
Viasat Choice 25/100 GB 25 Mbps 100 GB $69.99/mo. $99.99/mo.
Viasat Choice 50/100 GB 25 Mbps 100 GB $49.99/mo. $69.99/mo.
Viasat Choice 75/150 GB 75 Mbps 150 GB $99.99/mo. $149.99/mo.
Viasat Choice 100/300 GB 100 Mbps 300 GB $149.99/mo. $199.00/mo.
Viasat Choice 100/500 GB 100 Mbps 500 GB $199.99/mo. $299.99/mo.
Viasats Voip Home Phone

Connect your home phone to Viasat Voice with ease.

When you select Voice for your home phone service, you will receive:

  • Connecting your phone or base station to the Viasat Wi-Fi modem or gateway with your phone cord is a simple setup.
  • Unlimited long-distance and local calling to all 50 states and Canada.
  • Excellent call quality, as well as voicemail, call waiting, caller ID, and a variety of other features.
  • A more affordable option than standard landline phone service.
  • You have the option of transferring your current phone number (in most situations) or getting a new phone number.
  • Use of Voice home phone service without exceeding your data allowance on your Viasat Internet subscription.

Viasat Shield

Viasat Shield and Shield Premium are internet security services provided to Viasat Internet users that protect your home network from typical online security risks.

Already a client? To begin using Shield, download the Shield app to your tablet or mobile device. You can also upgrade to Shield Premium within the app.

Not yet a Viasat Internet customer? To begin started, look at internet plans.

Viasats Shield
Viasats Dish TV

Why should you buy DISH Satellite TV?

DISH is the only TV supplier that guarantees TV prices for three years. You'll also get a free first receiver (only with DISH) and access to over 80,000 movies and shows on demand. DISH also offers the Hopper 3, their most powerful DVR*, which can record up to 2,000 hours of HD content.

Frequently Asked Questions for Viasat

What is Viasat Internet?

Residential satellite internet service is provided by Viasat Internet. We're committed to bringing dependable, high-speed access to the most difficult-to-reach people, places, and things, including families living in rural or isolated areas where cable companies do not operate.

How does satellite technology work?

Viasat satellite internet works as follows:

  1. You use your laptop or mobile device to access your favorite website. Your request is routed to your Viasat modem, then to the dish outside your home via a short connection.
  2. Your request is transmitted to our satellite via the dish installed at your property.
  3. Your website request is routed by our satellite to a gateway station connected to our ground network.
  4. The station forwards your request to your preferred website.
  5. The website sends the information you requested back to the station, which then sends it up to our satellite, where it is sent straight to you.
Why should I get Viasat Internet?

You should subscribe to Viasat Internet because:

  • It's fast: our minimum download speed of 12 megabits per second (Mbps) is quicker than normal DSL or 4G/Long Term Evolution (LTE) mobile service. You can obtain up to 100+ Mbps speeds in some regions.
  • It's an excellent deal: you receive more data for your money than the competition. Furthermore, there are no automatic overage fees on our residential service.
  • It's easy: installation usually takes around 2-3 hours. Once connected, our My Viasat online site makes it simple to manage your account. Once you've signed up for service, you'll be able to learn more about connecting to your online account.
Does Viasat offer unlimited data plans?

The Unlimited plans from Viasat are available in the majority of locations. infinite data options feature a defined quantity of High-Speed Data as well as an infinite amount of Standard Data. After you've used all your monthly High-Speed Data, you'll have access to unlimited Standard Data, which may result in slower speeds if the network is congested, such as in the evening. Even if you have used all of your High-Speed Data, your service speeds will not be affected if the network is not crowded.

You can always purchase additional High-Speed Data before or after you hit your limit. High-Speed Data can be purchased at any time during the month, but your data counter resets on the first day of each new billing cycle, and any unused additional purchases of High-Speed Data at that time are forfeited.

What is Viasat Shield?

Viasat Shield and Shield Premium are internet security services offered to Viasat Internet cutomers. These services protect your home network from common internet security risks.

Is Viasat Shield free?

The Viasat Shield app may be downloaded for free from the App Store or Google Play. If you wish to utilize the premium features, you can pay $8.99 per month to upgrade in the app.

What are the differences between Viasat Shield and Shield Premium?

Here's a quick breakdown of the distinctions between Viasat Shield and Shield Premium. Viasat Shield is free with most Viasat Internet services, while Shield Premium costs $8.99 per month.

What is Viasat Voice?

Voice is a feature-rich home phone service designed to function in tandem with your smartphone. Voice calls do not count against your Viasat Internet data allocation and are optimized for use over Viasat Internet.

What calling features does Viasat Voice support?

Voicemail, caller ID, caller ID block, call hold, call forwarding, call waiting, call return, and deactivate call waiting are all supported calling features.

How many phone lines can I set up with Viasat Voice?

With Voice, you can set up one phone line per account.

Can I transfer my non-Viasat phone number to Viasat Voice?

In most locations of the country, you can transfer your non-Viasat phone number to Voice.

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