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Having an Internet Connection Problem?

Wed, Mar 14, 2018 2:57 AM

Internet Bundles Broadband Deals Money Eco-friendly

Having an Internet Connection Problem?

So here at CISP-JNA we are all about getting the best for your buck!

What is more exciting than a thoughtful living where you are able to achieve your everyday endeavours without worrying if you will make it to next month when the bills are due. Every month, it seems like our wallet was just pouring out of our back pocket without us even noticing it. Dang!

Happily, there are a few tricks that we also have in that same back pocket. We will help you cut back the costs without giving up on the things that are good and profitable to your future. There are a couple life-hacks that exist to help us save money where it seems to be the hardest.

This little guide will help you cut back on the costs of bills that you can directly control and some of them that you thought could not ever ever be any lower. Check this out!


1) Control your home electricity

So you are in a rush, you rush out and left the lights on for the whole day. Or you didn’t adjust the A/C before you left. You sleep with dimmed christmas lights on. You have ambiance lights on your patio. You leave your printer always plugged and on at home. Just to be clear, those are all events that we want to avoid from happening.

One thing that we need to understand is that those electronics that keep plugged and on all night are meant to consume low amounts of energy. However, it adds up. According to the TreeHugger report this electrical energy that is consumed throughout the night by common household electronics, reaves the US consumer of $19 billion each year.

Remember a little goes a long way. Make the best efforts to reduce your electricity consumption.

2) Eat at home and slow down on the aperitifs.

Eat at home or eat homegrown foods. If you are going to go out and have dinner, try to hit it for Happy Hour. Take advantage of the greatest deals the day has given us.

3) Make an effort to become handy.

Now that we have Youtube and DYI videos, it has become really simple to get things done without breaking the bank. A handyman costs between $150 to $700 depending on the work that has to be done. Whatever you can do yourself to avoid those charges will go a long way. Plus, you are actually learning something cool!

4) Goodbye Cable TV hello High Speed Internet Plan

Why would you settle for the repeat of 200 channels. Scrolling up and scrolling down never finding what you really intend to watch. After a long day at work, that couch is calling your name and you want to be able to watch the sports, movies, series that you want. Nothing else. We got you.

HughesNet Satellite Internet, is theISP with the largest satellite in the history of time. That’s pretty incredible isn’t it? They have buck-friendly broadband plans, high-speed connections, and they offer a monthly subscription to video streaming websites.

There are many other plans and internet deals that will allow you to get everything you want in one click. Compare the plans with an easy tool and check out how much money you will save. According to a cable TV report published by, bundling cable tv and internet will save you around $30 per month.

5) Befriend the planet, use your bike or other public transportation.

This one is no secret that you will save a ton of money by using alternate transportation rather than your car (and let’s include Uber & Lyft and the likes, because those end up being quite expensive). In this last tip, you ramp up a bunch of benefits: workout, no parking issues, fresh air intake, no traffic jam, and save money on gas - just to name a few. Forbes conducted an analysis which insights showed that by using your bike instead of your car you can save around $2000 per year. Make a little effort, be different!

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