Tips to Avoid Internet Broadband Price Increase

Tips to Avoid Internet Broadband Price Increase
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Did you know the price you pay in the middle of your contract can be raised by your broadband provider?

Learn how to stop a price rise, including how to negotiate with your broadband company, cancel your existing contract, and switch to a new provider.

Negotiate with the existing internet provider

As soon as you find out that your broadband bill will rise, call your internet provider and say that you want to exercise your right to refuse the increase in rates and cancel your contract without penalty.

Most likely, you will be referred to as the retention or disconnection department of the company, where they will try to give you a cheaper deal or additional extras at a reduced rate.

If you are still not satisfied with the price, you're under no obligation to accept these terms.

To find out what other providers are offering, compare broadband deals; you can use this information to negotiate a better deal.

If your current broadband provider is unable to give you a deal you are comfortable with, you can cancel your contract without penalty and instead sign up with another provider.

Be sure to check with your current broadband provider the date of your last payment so that you can arrange when to sign up for a new one.

Broadband contract cancellation

You have the right to terminate your contract without paying termination fees if the price of your broadband has risen suddenly.

Broadband companies must inform their customers of an increase in charges for one month, so you can cancel your contract within this 30-day span without paying an early termination fee.

If you were aware that your bill would increase, you may be fined for canceling your deal, when an offer ended.

thoroughly review your broadband contract terms and conditions, and talk to your company to decide what you are entitled to.


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Mid-contract Broadband Price Increase

Has your broadband provider written to you to say that rates are rising?

As they update their offerings, broadband providers begin to increase their rates. In line with inflation, they may also be raising their prices.

This may mean a high-speed internet connection or a greater download allowance, but you don't just have to embrace the price hike if you're satisfied with your service as it is and doesn't want to pay more.

Be aware of Broadband, TV, and Telephone Bundles

By bundling your cable, phone, and TV into one convenient bundle, you may be able to get a better price, but it will restrict your right to cancel.

Your right to cancel also applies only to that service and not to your TV bundle, phone line, and other bundled services, if your price increase only applies to your broadband.

This could leave you in a position where you are faced with exercising your right to cancel and switch only to your broadband provider, which could mean that you will not make cheaper bundled offers with other broadband providers.

Unlimited Broadband

Going over your data allowance every month, on top of your regular monthly fee, you can pay extra charges.

If you sign up for an unlimited broadband plan without a data limit, you won't have to pay these fees.

Think about what you're going to use the internet and find the best plan for your requirements - in the long run, it might save you money.

Switch to a new Broadband Provider

Established broadband customers will also find they are paying more than new customers for the same quality of service.

This is because introductory deals are typically cheaper, so changing your broadband to get a better price will drastically decrease your monthly bill.

Key Points

  1.  You have 30 days to terminate your contract without paying early termination fees if you have been told that your bill will increase.

  2.  The option of broadband bundles could make it more difficult to exercise your right to cancel

  3.  An unlimited broadband deal could help you escape charges applied each month for exceeding download limits.



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